No frills; just basic functional hands free light

TacBite is a hands-free, mouth controlled tactical lighting system, which gives the user the ability to tactically search an area without occupying the hands. Unlike weapon mounted lights, a search can be done without the liability of pointing a live weapon at an innocent person. No more fumbling with a hand held light, or concern of losing the use of the light during reloads or clearing the weapon.

•Instinctive locating - The light spots wherever you look and is easily activated with bite pressure on the mouthpiece.

•Completely hands free – This allows for quick reloads or whatever task is at hand.

•Safe search and identify – You can safely search an area without sweeping innocent people with your weapon.

•Outstanding sight visibility – With the light source emanating from behind the weapon, not only can you identify potential threats, you have clear sight illumination.

•Can be worn on right or left side of head.

•TacBite includes – Basic no frills headband, tailswitch assembly with flexible mouthpiece boom, three interchangeable food grade bite pieces (allows user to customize the bite piece to their preference) Coast TX 40, 164 lumen Tac Light, includes 3 AAA batteries.

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